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Frequently asked questions


How will I spend my day?

From getting up in the morning to going to bed our staff team will support and guide you to choose how to spend your day.


What Furniture can Residents bring in?

We encourage people to create a homely environment in their bedroom by bringing in personal effects such as pictures, ornaments etc. Furniture may be brought in following agreement from the Home Manager.


What’s included in the fees?

Day to day care, accommodation, food and laundry service are included in the fees. Hairdresser, chiropody, toiletries, staff escort to and from the hospital and organised trips are payable by the resident.


Do you have Laundry facilities? How often are rooms cleaned?

Laundry facilities are available in the home. Residents clothing must be clearly labelled and we advise people to consider using laundry friendly clothing that may be

washed at a higher temperature. Residents on our interim floor are asked to take clothing home for laundering. Bedrooms and communal areas are cleaned on a daily basis.


I want to look round, can I just drop in?

Yes, you are most welcome to drop in and have a look round the home. We will do our best to arrange a staff member to show you around the home and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can telephone, email or book a visit on our website to arrange to look round and meet with a member of the management team


Can I bring pets when I visit?

You are welcome to bring pets when you visit. We ask that dogs are kept on a lead at all times to maintain safety. The Manager has the right to refuse pets or ask you to remove your pet from the home should they become problematic.


Do you cater for dietary requirements and allergies?

On admission and during your stay with us an assessment will help us to identify any dietary requirements or allergies you may have. Using this information our catering team will provide meals to meet your individual needs.


Do you have set mealtimes?

Breakfast is served between 8am and 10:30 as each person rises in the morning. Lunch is served at 12.30pm Evening meal is served at 4:30. Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day. Visitors are welcome to make drinks at our kitchenette in the lounge on each floor.


Can I choose to eat my meals in my room?

Absolutely, While we encourage people to come into the lounge for meals and to socialise at this time. If you wish to remain in your room for meals, our care staff will be happy to accommodate this request.


Can I keep my own GP?

If your GP surgery is close to the home and your GP agrees, we will do our best to facilitate this. If it is not possible to keep your current GP you may choose to register with one of the local GP surgeries in Clifton.


Can you arrange medication prescriptions or any aids on behalf of the resident?

Yes – our senior staff order medication and liaise with relevant professionals for the provision of equipment.


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Welcome Wilford View. Our care home based in Nottingham offers a high-end atmosphere and luxury facilities. As a purpose built home, it is the balance between feeling at home and receiving the care you deserve in a safe and friendly environment. Take a virtual tour of Wilford View here.



Wilford View Care Home is a family-owned care home committed to ensuring people feel happy, safe, respected and well cared for in a comfortable environment.

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